After-School Programs

               Ages 12 - 18

Career Exploration


FRL offers a range of on-site after-school and summer classes for students in grades 6–12. Our courses include relevant learning opportunities that are grounded in the real world. The goal is to help students make informed choices about their future by exploring programs driven by their own interest.


Popular Courses

Snap Tech Photography

Enrichment               Grades 6 -12

Snap Tech introduces students to various forms of photography, including digital, film, drone, and more.

Simple Bites Cooking Class

Enrichment               Grades 6 -12

This beginner culinary program will teach students to measure, chop, and sauté their way to newfound knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward food.

Drone Coding

Stem Engineering       Grades 6 -12

This fun course will teach students the basics of coding and programming through the use of drone technology.


As technological changes reshape the world of work, our mission is to provide quality courses that are future-oriented and to empower middle and high school students to explore new opportunities in education and pathways to 21st-century careers. 

Career Exploration               Grades 6 -12

Enrichment               Grades 6 -12

STEM Engineering

Through hands-on challenges, students will learn to answer complex questions, investigate global issues, and develop solutions for real-world problems while applying the rigors of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our photography course strives to create a classroom environment where creative expression is embraced on every level. Students will learn how to use their creative interests and problem-solving skills to produce the finest images possible.

Snap Tech Photography

All Sports Education

Recreation              Grades 6 -12

Our sports education course offers a mix of traditional instruction and skill development for a variety of sports, such as archery, badminton, and cricket.

   Simple Bites 101

Enrichment               Grades 6 -12

Students will learn to master basic cooking techniques that will foster independence and creativity at home and in their own future kitchens.


Community Partnerships

Phase 1

Our courses are offered in partnership with your existing school, recreational, or community-based program. Courses can be offered in 6–12 week clusters or for the entire school year.



Phase 2

         On-Site Classes

FRL specializes in on-site classes held at your location and at your convenience.  We are available to teach Monday–Friday during and after school hours.


Classes are held in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia

Phase 3

Pre-Post Assessments

Our pre- and post-assessments are used to assess learning objectives targeted in each course unit. This approach provides a baseline of what students know prior to instruction and an indication of what they know after instruction.

At FRL, we understand that teachers are the key to the classroom and are critical in a student’s development and success. Our teachers stay up-to-date with the latest teaching tools, technologies, and methods to provide students the best educational experience possible.

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